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o   CPR/AED/First Aid​

o   American Red Cross Version of Basic Life Support (Health Care Workers) 

o   Babysitting Certification (includes CPR training)

o   Naloxone (Narcan®) Training (Includes overdose prevention and Narcan® administration teaching)

Classes & Live Education

o   Reducing Stigma associated with addiction and Substance Use Disorder

o   Life Skill Workshops

o   Learning Empathy Workshops

o   Addiction: Understanding the Brain's Role


*Not an exhaustive listing of available classes.

Call for more information!


o   K-8:  All subjects ​

o   9-12:  English, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, History

o   PowerPoint, Excel, and Word workshops 

o   Resume' writing workshops

o   Help with writing:  Proofreading, building an outline, topic choice assistance

o   CNA/RN:  Tutoring is available in any/all nursing related courses.


o   100 Cameras (JSBF has partnered with the 100 Cameras program to offer a community-based program that fosters communication of trauma-related emotions through photography).  ​

o   1:1 mentorship/role modeling opportunities

o   Helping Kids Find Themselves

o   Understanding and Fostering Identity Development in Teens

Support Services

  •  Grandparents raising grandchildren​

    • Support group for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren​

    • Resources for kinship guardianship, custody concerns, consent for treatment

  • Technology classes for grandparents who are unfamiliar with social media, computers, etc.

  • Grieving children who have lost a parent(s) to drug overdose, drug toxicity/homicide, etc.

  • Free copy of either The Invisible String or Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You grief focused book ​and a Gizmo the Grief Bear

  • Resources for those struggling with substance use disorder to get help 

    • (We are NOT a rehab placement agency)

Advocacy & Policy Reform

o   Legislation to grant grandparents rights to custody and visitation​

o   Advocate for the Caldwell County Health Department to utilize a standing order to dispense naloxone (Narcan®) to community agencies to distribute to people at high risk for overdose

o   Increased resources for children who have parents who have active substance use disorder and/or have lost a parent(s) secondary to substance use disorder or drug-related toxicity/poisoning/homicide.

Awareness Event Hosting

Examples:  Black Balloon Day, International Overdose Awareness Day, Recovery Month, International Day of the Child, etc.​

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