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About Us


Our Mission

To help all members of the community understand that addiction is a disease, people who suffer from addiction deserve love, and the children who are caught in the crossfire of it all need our support and mentorship. 

Our Vision

To humbly serve the residents of Caldwell County and the Foothills of North Carolina by helping end addiction related stigma, and support and empower children impacted by substance use disorder through self-confidence, resiliency, and self-determination building activities so they may go onto lead happy and productive lives

To have the members of our communities, schools, churches,  and businesses  join our faiths together to create a better place for our children and citizens to live

To love and promote loving each other, deeply

Our Foundation

We are an IRS designated 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on providing resources and services to communities, schools, churches, and individuals to promote childhood resiliency, grief support, and addiction prevention.   Our Foundation does not affiliate with any specific harm reduction, religious/faith-based, or recovery organization/group.  We believe in evidence-based practice and application of information and resources for addiction, recovery, grief, childhood trauma, and resiliency deficits. 


Using this model, we avow to only disseminate information and partake in activities that promote the physical and mental well-being and inclusivity of ALL people as well as the building of stronger families and communities.

About Joshua


  Joshua Steven Buss was born on July 20, 1988.  He was an extremely happy baby and did everything on his own.  He taught himself to walk and would not accept any hand holding!   He continued that throughout his life.   Joshua was not involved in sports growing up because of his severe asthma, but he loved Duke basketball.  His pastimes were (in order of importance) his children,  motorcycles, music,  and his friends.   Joshua was could watch one YouTube video and repair or replace a nonfunctional well pump.  He taught himself how to do more than things than can be counted.   Joshua never met a stranger!  He loved people, animals, and most importantly, he loved to help people.  Joshua's smile and big blue eyes defined his handsome looks, but he was always available to help his friends.    

When Joshua was 13, his only real father figure, his maternal grandfather passed away from a heart attack.   Prior to his death, Joshua's grandfather was being evaluated for a heart transplant; however, he did not live long enough to actualize that.   That adverse childhood event completely obliterated Joshua's reality and world.   He began to suffer from depression.  At 13, he entered a new school and unfortunately made some poor friend choices, who played a role in his experimentation with drugs.  Over the next 15 years, Joshua would struggle with depression and addiction.  He successfully completed a medication assisted treatment program, and through it all, he never lost focus on what was most important-his children.   

Joshua's children,  Kaidence, Aiden, and Ember were and still are the most important people in his life.   Kaidence Madison Buss, his oldest child, was born June 9, 2008.    Ember Grace Moore was born in December 6, 2009.     His youngest child was born August 5,  2018.    He had sole custody of Kaidence and Aiden and visited with Ember often.


      On August 2, 2018, Joshua was the victim of drug toxicity related homicide -at the hand of a family member and "friends."   He went without CPR for more than 20 minutes, and as a result, he suffered irreversible brain damage.    Despite being without oxygen for a long

  period of time, his heart was strong.  Because Joshua's grandfather died awaiting heart

  transplantation, he said that he wanted his organs to be donated to people who needed

     the On August 4, 2018,  official brain death was declared. Because we did not want

      Aiden to always have his birthday associated with his dad's death, we elected to wait

        until August 6, 2018 to donate his organs.  We were able to donate his heart,

          kidneys, and liver to 4 amazingly fortunate people who we hope cherish his gift

             every single day.  


Joshua's motto was:

Remain Humble. 

Have Faith. 

Love Deeply.   









We could not have chosen a better theme for this Foundation; therefore, those are, and will always be, our guiding words and principles.   

This Foundation was created to ensure Joshua's death was not in vain, to preserve his legacy, and to provide support for the community in which he lived and loved.

Reflection    by Joshua S Buss

Kaidence Buss


Oversees the 100 Cameras Program and Tutoring Calendar.  She also serves as our Chief Design and Fashion Advisor.

      Aiden Buss


Serves as Security Director and Snack Protector 

Tracy Andrews

Executive Director, Founder


Educational Background

  • High School: 1987-West Caldwell High School, Lenoir, NC

  • CCC&TI: 1992- Hudson, NC-ADN Nursing Program

  • UNC-Greensboro: 2002-Greensboro, NC-BSN

  • Duke University: 2005-Durham, NC:   Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Adult Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner, and Critical Care Clinical Specialist

  • Columbia University: 2010-New York, NY:  Doctorate of Nursing Practice/ Post-Masters' Certificate: Genetics

  • East Carolina University: 2017-Greenville, NC-Master of Business Administration,  Certificates in Health Care Management and Marketing

Certifications:  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt,  ANCC Credentialing: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner,  American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid, Babysitting, and Basic Life Support Instructor,  Naloxone training educator

Professional Experience: Over 25 years experience as bedside nurse, nurse practitioner, administrator, educator, and director.   

Primary focus: Cardiac surgery.  

Programs:  Frye Regional Medical Center,  Carolina Medical Center, Penn Medicine (Philadelphia), and Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYC)

Tracy also teaches health law/policy, quality focused care, and genetics in a major university's physician and nursing programs.  She has authored journal articles, book chapters, and serves on editorial boards for 3 journals.  She has given national addiction/recovery focused lectures and has participated in panel discussions as a content expert in Pain and Addiction Summits.  She has also given international lectures focused cardiac surgery/aortic disease. Tracy is currently starting a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner program to help bolster her anecdotal expertise and to offer formal treatment and therapy for those in

    need.   She is committed to supporting her hometown and

          community, especially given how hard hit the Caldwell

             County area has been with addiction and overdose,

                    as well as the fact the county is deemed

                           a medically underserved community.

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